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Sustainable Way of Life

We promote a rural environment from a sustainable economic and social point of view

Arqueixal – Ecoagroturismo

Our project

A family farm situated in the parish of Santiago de Albá, Palas de Rei, Comarca da Ulloa, in the heart of Galicia.

We produce and sell our ecological products (cheese, yogurt and fresh milk). We also intend to link our work with a full respect, admiration and love for our environment.

In our hamlet, we restored the old rural houses and now we can receive guests and let them know how we lived in the old days.

We promote a rural environment from a sustainable economic and social point of view.

The houses

A healthy home is a main step for an unforgettable stay!

There are four beautiful houses: A Palleira, O Pallar das Ameixeiras, A Casa do Muiñeiro and A Caseta das Andoriñas. All this houses were restored keeping them as they were, using natural materials such as stones, local wood, lime mortar, cork (to insulate), vegetal oil, mineral paint, clay, linen tissues, wool and cotton. This provides a nice sense of comfort and wellbeing when you are inside. We chose this unique insulation system to reduce humidity levels and condensation and to allow radon gas to circulate through the ventilation chimneys.

Following the Feng Shui technique, we used harmonising colours and rounded corners. Our traditional beds face North and North West.

The power is produced by renewable energy sources: we use solar and thermal energy to produce hot water, and photovoltaic energy to produce electricity, as well as energy-efficient household appliances.


We created an elegant relaxed environment that offers a warm space of light and simplicity in harmony with the surrounding landscape. This experience reminds us that we shouldn’t forget our connection with nature because it protects and feeds us.


This building hasn’t lost its inner use, instead, it has been adapted to the present needs. We respected the original Galician construction and now it provides a cosy shelter with all the facilities to enjoy the magic of our local culture.


Several generations of millers have lived in this 19th century farmhouse. It is perfect for families and small groups.
It has a big and comfortable kitchen where you can prepare your own meals. We offer different products from our own harvest so you can enjoy a healthy traditional dish.


This old little house used to be a nesting shelter for swallows. After a thorough restoration it was transformed into a comfortable home with a privileged view over the green valley.

Casa da Rebordela

Dare to live a unique experience that leads to self-sufficiency!
If you want to travel back to the 1920’s, you should stay in Casa da Rebordela, a traditional old rural house kept as it was; an old iron key invites you to come inside where the flavours of cured meat, the fire of the lareira —traditional fireplace—, the hay in the stable, the wheat in its container will make you feel like you are reliving the past.

The Farm

We believe we must focus the production of ecological food on the respect for the individual and for the natural world. We assume this, knowing that the present is a loan from our children.
Our project started 25 years ago with the idea of preserving traditional values; ecology and sustainability. We have a herd of 35 cows that graze freely in our organic pastures.
Our dairy products (two types of cheese and a delicious yogurt) are produced by joining our ancestral traditions with current knowledges, always taking into account our main principle; respect for the environment and our history. The quality of our products is guaranteed by both the official Consello Regulador de Agricultura Ecolóxica de Galicia and Denominación de Orixe Arzúa-Ulloa.

Our Products


Our own cheese has a soft texture and a lot of moisture and is made from whole milk. Surely you will enjoy its vanilla and hazelnuts aroma. Perfectly balanced between acidity and sweetness.


We call this hard cheese “queixo da Nabiza” because it used to be made when the nabiza vegetable grows. It is aged for a longer time than the soft cheese (at least 6 months). It has a firm texture and a nut flavour, slighty salty and intense.


Our yogurt has a soft taste. It is made of organic whole milk, free from artificial ingredients and additives. Its texture changes along the year depending on the dairy-cattle feeding. This is a quality guarantee.
Its smooth and home taste creates a healthy dependence!


Organic pasteurized milk from cows that walk freely in the fields. that graze in pastures enriched with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Packed in returnable glass bottles.


We will only be able to shape the future, if we can understand the past. 

In Arqueixal we value the ethnographic and cultural Galician heritage. We respect the rhythm of the seasons and the cycle of the soil, therefore, we promote a life style connected with nature and with ourselves.

We invite you to experience our local culture by being part of the daily life of our hamlet; you will learn to shuck corn, taking care of the garden, milking the cows, making cheese, collecting the eggs… and so much more!

Live your experience!


  A lesson of self-sufficiency


 A place to share


 Visit a sustainable lifestyle


 Handmade workshop


 Educational activities for children


 A trip to the past

Getting around

You can find us in the small parish of Albá, one of the many hamlets in Palas de Rei, in the province of Lugo, in the heart of Galicia. The closest cities are Santiago de Compostela, Lugo and Ourense. In the surroundings we have the river Ulla and its waterfalls “Torrentes de Macara” and the beautiful Castle of Pambre built in the 14th century next to the river with the same name. You can also visit the Romanesque church of Vilar das Donas where different sections of the way to Santiago come together.
The local landscape with the typical fauna and flora of Galicia, megaliths, petroglyphs and castros prove the existence of old settlers who inhabited this area.

The way to Santiago

Our small hamlet is 3 km away from the centre of Palas de Rei, a well-known place on your way to Santiago.
If you are walking the way to Santiago “Camino Francés” make a small detour to get to Arqueixal and you will discover a more beautiful path.



Albá (Palas de Rei)
27207 Comarca da Ulloa
Lugo (Galicia)


982 380 251


42º 50′ 47″ N
7º 53′ 15″ W



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